About Me

Hi, thanks for finding my blog. My name is Georgina (always been a George) in my early 30’s, full time mamma to my gorgeous daughter Phoebe, who came into this world the morning of a beautiful New Moon, April 30th 2014. She has turned our world upside down and inside out on so many amazing levels. Our gorgeous girl Frankie has now arrived (10 days late) and was born on April 14th 2017, so now we are a family of four. We live in Cornwall, which is where daddy pig is from and almost after 10 years of traveling and working abroad we decided to come back to the UK (2013) for my pregnancy and to raise our little girl close to family and friends.

We all love exploring the beauty that Devon & Cornwall has to offer and can often be found at the beach, on a woodland walk or even just at the Library. I’m a full time stay at home mum but Phoebe is at pre school 3 days a week and will be moving up to big school in September, so I do get a few hours a week to myself. I also started my own Arbonne Business as an Independent Consultant in November 2017 and I love everything about it. Recently I won the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador for Turtle Tots Class of 2018 along with 5 other parent bloggers, we will all be sharing our little ones swimming adventures on our blogs and social media, so stay tuned for more information on this exciting news.

So, I first started this blog to help me realise that I’m Not Just Phoebe’s mum…I’m much more than just a mamma. Not Just Phoebe is an open canvas where I will share mine and the girl’s Adventures and all that happens in between. I hope that by finally creating this blog I can get my creative juices flowing again and use it to share all the fun and exciting things me, Phoebe and Frankie will create, bake, make and inspire others with our journey. I will write about normal parenting issues that aren’t all sugar coated, we all those have a crappy days and I believe by being an honest, open parent you will be a happier one. If you would like to contact us for any work opportunities, then please do so via the Work with Us page in the main menu.

Thank you for finding us, and if you like us, please follow us on our blogging journey using all social media links. We hope you enjoy and if you do, let us know.

George, Phoebe & Frankie x



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