Wicked Wednesday #25

This time last week we were still on our family holiday in Ibiza. We enjoyed getting out and about, mainly beach hoping around the island, however Phoebe wasn’t too happy about leaving a certain beach and once we had managed to get into the car seat, it got worse. I of course took this opportunity … More Wicked Wednesday #25

Wicked Wednesday #24

There is nothing better than getting a few hours toddler free to catch you breathe, do all those cleaning tasks you keep meaning to do (which you still don’t actually end up doing) and have an uninterrupted cuppa. So, last weekend when my mum aka Nana kindly had the little lady for the aftenoon I … More Wicked Wednesday #24

Wicked Wednesday #23

For the last few months my little minx has been having swimming lessons every Friday and it’s not all been plain sailing. Every week we’ve had an “incident” either whilst getting ready, during the lesson or getting ready to leave. This week was a bit of a everything.  Phoebe got herself stuck in the baby … More Wicked Wednesday #23

Wicked Wednesday #21

Welcome to another Wicked Wednesday. This week Phoebe has been trying out a new game that mixes “hide and seek” and dressing up all at the same time, which I’ve dubbed “Dress n seek”. So, her bath was run and once again we began the nightly naked struggle of getting her the dancers (stairs) I walked back … More Wicked Wednesday #21