Good Day Sunshine

I love the process of writing my happy list each week, it makes me really appreciate all the wonderful memories that our little family are making. We’ve really been enjoying the weather again this week and I just find the sunshine makes everything better. I’ve picked a classic sunny song from the Beatles for this … More Good Day Sunshine

Happy Together 

I recently took a mini blogging break to get a few things in order, one of them being my blog itself. I took the time during my break to create a manageable blogging routine, which has given me a fanatic focus and helped me organise and plan my posts better. One of those more organised … More Happy Together 

If you’re happy and you know it, write a list….

Recently I’ve found myself getting bogged down by the smallest of things! I seem to over analyse situations, get worried about money like most people I’m sure and stress over the mummy guilt more than I’d like. I would say I’m a confident outgoing person, I’ll talk to anyone and often make friends in the … More If you’re happy and you know it, write a list….