Am I turning into a Toddler?

My life has recently felt like one big juggling act…trying to balance everything with a one hand, blind folded screaming Phoebe..hold mumma’s hand. I haven’t been doing anything differently, however I have still ended up with an epic Everest size mountain of washing over this past week. Dishes everywhere, recycling ready to go and stairs that are growing a new layer of fluff – sensory play for Phoebe I guess.

My lap top charger also broke this week. Making everything somewhat of a struggle, as I mainly do everything blog based from there, but it’s amazing how much an iPhone can do. Throw in a impacted wisdom tooth and that’s been my week.

It’s made me feel as though I have been the toddler in this mother/daughter partnership or maybe I’m catching Phoebe’s toddlisms!

Controlling and entertaining a toddler all day is a full on role, not to be taken lightly. After a shift of  singing wind the bloody bobbin up, clapping, dancing and hiding behind loo rolls playing peekaboo in the supermarket just to stop a full blown Tesco tantrum it’s easy to see how we can slip into their way of thinking…or maybe it’s just me?

Mumma’s Wilko dressing up

Am I turning into a toddler? 


Getting myself dressed most morning seems like a chore, involving odd socks, slightly stained t-shirts (a cheeky wipe- no one will see) and snot trails on shoulders. I’ll also admit that whilst having this never ending cold, I have maybe more than once used my sleeve for a wipe…not pretty but needs must. Irritating itchy labels, I mean come on I have enough to do without investigating annoying labels…Arrgghh!


I can totally relate to all those teething tots out there right

now. My last Wisdom tooth to come fully through is growing impacted, meaning lots of fecking pain, headaches and general grumpiness.


Whilst having tooth ache, I tend to go off my food, reach for soft options or a smoothie, something which Phoebe also does. Plus I only eat about half of it, again like my toddler.


Grey, dull cold weather does nothing other than get me moody. So this last week while Storm Imogen had been crashing around I’ve found it’s really pissed me off. I couldn’t sleep, take Phoebe out or even go for a drive to escape.

 So I’ll let you decide if I really am morphing into my toddler.

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28 thoughts on “Am I turning into a Toddler?

    1. I think I well and truly an morphing into one!!! I thankfully have a charger now but it was tough times! And the tooth is still having a growth spurt, painful but managing somehow. Thanks for the comment X


  1. Yes, it’s absolutely true the being around toddlers turns us into toddlers. I’ve found now I eat my main meal at 12pm (fish fingers) followed promptly by a nap. I love being a child all over again 🙂

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  2. Ha hilarious 🙂 but eek to the wisdom tooth, I hate wisdom teeth I had to have one removed by surgery where I had to be put to sleep as it was in an awkward position – I only ate porridge for about 4 weeks afterwards, took me 3 years to want to eat the stuff again 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment and a pleasure linking up as always. It seems I am not alone is the toothache wisdom pain but surgery does not sound good! I’m hoping it won’t come to that. Fingers crossed x


  3. Ha I love this. I’m totally with you on the clothes…baby wipes get used for everything in this house, including making my clothes look less like a messy toddlers and more like a grown ups.

    Liked by 1 person

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